Scott & Sabrina are an inspiring couple of singers, songwriters, musicians, and recording artists that perform unique covers of a variety of genres as well as original music. Described as “modern country,” with some pop, rock, and even a little reggae and hip hop, this duo is bound to play something you love! Scott & Sabrina started out playing for tiny crowds at dive bars, and have quickly gained a following and are booking shows in Arizona, California, and Nevada. Their fans describe them as “awesome entertainers,” “excellent performers,” “very talented,” and frequently ask why they aren’t famous yet or what they are doing in such a small town in Arizona! This “power couple,” have both overcome insurmountable losses, lessons, heartbreak, setbacks, and battles in their personal lives, that have resulted in humility, wisdom, and a passion to share their story of grace, growth, and true inner transformation. Their newest single “Soulmate” tells the story of finding soul’s true love after facing many obstacles and public shame & ridicule. Scott’s son, Carston wrote a rap for the song in which one line says “To all of the love critics who soundin’ pathetic, I’ll never regret it, I LOVE YOU,” and is the clapback to those who were so quick to judge Scott & Sabrina for “running off together.” To support these artists is to support a vision to create beauty out of ashes, to support their message of hope after facing some of life’s toughest battles, and to support love, music, laughter, memories, and a FAMILY trying to build a life of peace and purpose. “You can call it divine, you can call it fate, but darlin’ either way, I know you’re my SOULMATE.” 

Scott & Sabrina currently reside in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, and are recording their first debut album as well as performing at local venues & events.. To book Scott & Sabrina, email, or call/text (541)295-4859

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